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Chilaquiles with Quemada Medium or Mild Salsa!

My Quemada salsa is the perfect sauce for any dish. It comes equipped with all the authentic Mexican flavors to take any of your dishes to the next level.


Olive Oil

Corn tortillas cut into 8th's

1/4 cup red onions chopped


8oz of Sabor de Paulita Quemada Medium/ Mild salsa

1/3 cup Mexican Cheese

Optional: Cotija Cheese for garnish and Mexican Crema to tame spice

First Step: Cut corn tortillas in 8th's. Make sure it looks like a small pizza. Then get a small heating pan and add olive oil enough to cover entire corn tortilla chip. make sure oil is heated enough to begin frying. make sure to not over fry the tortilla. Make sure before you are finished frying the chip to add a paper towel over your plate to help chip soak up oil.

Step Two: Then you are going to let the oil cool off and use another pan. Add oil to the pan as well as your red onions sauté until aromatic. Add in your tortilla chips as well as your salsa. Make sure to add enough to smoother each and every one of them completely until soft. Add cheese evenly to each layer using your tongs. Add cilantro for garnish. Make sure to depose of the oil when it is cold into a safe jar.

Step Three: You can also add corn, beans and avocado if you'd like to make it a delicious Mexican bowl. You can also add cojita cheese or queso fresco and crema.

Another Trick is to use tortilla chips that already are fried if you'd like to save some time. Id recommend getting chips that are not to salty.

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